Preparing for Online Success

Online learning is a flexible way to complete your education. Students who are most successful are those who are able to work independently and take more responsibility for the learning process. The following survey can help you assess your readiness for online learning, and help you understand what you need to do to prepare yourself to be a successful online learner. Please choose one answer for each question.

Download the Preparing for Online Success quiz as a PDF.

I am considering taking an online class:

*Because of the flexibility - it allows me to fit school around my schedule.

1. I usually complete homework and other assignments:

5 - On time. I manage my time well and do not need reminders.
3 - At the last minute. Although I sometimes procrastinate, I turn work in without reminders.
1 - Past the deadline. I have difficulty meeting deadlines without reminders.

2. When I have to work individually:

5 - I usually complete the task successfully.
3 - I finish the task but I feel a bit uncomfortable without the instructor's presence.
1 - I rarely finish the task.

3. If I am having difficulty with an assignment:

5 - I often ask the instructor for help.
3 - I sometimes ask for help.
1 - I rarely ask for help.

4. Written instructions are:

5 - Easy for me to follow.
3 - Easy to follow but I would prefer to have the instructor explain them to me.
1 - Confusing and frustrating for me.

5. I consider myself to be:

5 - A good reader. Reading is one of my strengths.
3 - An adequate reader. I usually understand what I have read.
1 - A slow or poor reader - reading is not one of my strengths.

6. I consider myself to be:

5 - A good writer. I express myself well in writing.
3 - An adequate writer. I write well enough to complete most assignments.
1 - A weak writer. I struggle with written assignments.

7. When I turn in work:

5 - I can move on to the next assignment while waiting for feedback.
3 - I need feedback within a few days.
1 - I need immediate feedback.

8. Face-to-face meetings with my instructor and my classmates:

5 - Are not important to me.
3 - Are helpful but not essential.
1 - Are very important to me.

9. When asked to utilize new skills and technologies as a learner:

5 - I embrace the challenge and enjoy trying new things.
3 - I am hesitant to take risks, but I am persistent and determined.
1 - I am very uncomfortable and tend to avoid new strategies.

10. As a learner, I would classify myself as being:

5 - Highly independent.
3 - Somewhat independent.
1 - Dependent.

11. I believe I have:

5 - Excellent computer and Internet skills.
3 - Average computer and Internet skills.
1 - Lower than average computer and Internet skills.

Total Points
Add your points and compare to the legend below to see where you fit:

45 - 55: You will probably do well as an online learner.

30 - 44: Online learning might work for you, but you will have to adjust some of your learning habits.

1- 29: Online learning may be a challenge for you. Contact iQ Academy and speak with the School Counselor for more assistance.

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