How It Works

With today's technology, learning has no boundaries.

iQ Academy puts today's technology at your fingertips so that your online school experience is engaging, interactive, and fun! You will access each course through our secure, online classroom. Our software then takes you step by step through a series of lessons and assignments using graphics, Adobe® Flash® demonstrations, and clear, crisp audio.

Our Educational Approach allows you to learn at your own pace and complete all your assignments online, helping you earn a diploma recognized by colleges and universities around the country.

If you need a computer, iQ Academy will provide you with a laptop.

Our online learning environment gives you password-protected access to all the materials you need to be successful in your courses.

And technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Educational Approach

At iQ Academy, we know that a flexible, personalized education is important to you. So we've put together a program that suits your life, your style

Learn on your own schedule
Login and work on your courses at any time of day, any day of the week. With the help of Pacing Charts, it's easy to stay on schedule.

Establish study habits that work for you
Online learning means you're in charge; with help if you need it, you'll begin to develop study habits that lead to effective learning.

Interact with teachers when you want
Enjoy one-on-one communication with your teachers, you'll never get "lost in the crowd" or feel awkward about asking questions in front of large groups.

Research and submit assignments the easy way
Access a variety of online resources for your research; then submit your assignments electronically. Your teachers will in turn provide their feedback electronically, within 72 hours of receiving a completed assignment.

Earn your diploma
iQ Academy grants students a high school diploma and transcript that will be recognized by colleges and universities around the country.

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Computer/Internet Access

If you need a computer, you may use one of iQ Academy's computers after completing the full-time enrollment process and attending an orientation session. Your complete iQ Academy equipment and supply list will include:

  • Laptop
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Dial-up and high-speed connections installed
  • Virus protection software and filters to protect students from inappropriate content on the internet
  • Internet stipend*
  • All course materials, including textbooks and learning guides

* Families are required to provide internet in their homes. While high-speed connections are preferred, courses will run on dial-up connections.

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Online Learning Environment

Like any school, iQ Academy is more than just lessons. Comparable to entering a school building to participate in classroom instruction, you'll enter the online learning environment to access your courses.

Blackboard, the software that iQ Academy uses to present course content:

  • Provides students with password-protected access to all computer-based course material.
  • Offers flexible navigation that makes it quick and easy to move from course to course.
  • Allows students to submit assignments, view corrected assignments, check grades, and communicate with classmates and teachers.
  • Provides standard tools so all courses have a similar look and feel.

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Technical Support

We're here to ensure you have all the support you need to succeed. Once enrolled, you will receive contact information for our 24-hour support.

iQ Academy provides the following support options:

  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • Online learning environment support
  • Course-specific support

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