High-quality, innovative, tuition-free education for
grades 6-12.

iQ Academy Arizona is a full-time online school currently enrolling students in grades 6 through 12. Students attending iQ Academy come from all educational backgrounds and from all over the state. They also have many different reasons that make an online school the right answer for them. Read on to find out why iQ Academy Arizona could be right for you.

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Through iQ Academy, students receive a full middle school education and earn all the credits they need to get their high school diploma. Students have the flexibility to work on their courses where they want. Whether you are a middle schooler seeking an innovative, standards-based education, or a high schooler planning to go to college or start a career, iQ Academy Arizona will provide you with the academically-sound curriculum, instruction, and learning environment you need to succeed.

iQ Academy Arizona Offers:
  • Free tuition for Arizona residents (under 22 years of age).
  • An excellent education with award-winning courses and online instruction and support from state-certified teachers and school counselors
  • A media-rich, standards-based curriculum of core, world language, Advanced Placement, and elective courses
  • Use of a computer while enrolled in the program* (* must be enrolled full-time).
  • Flexible schedule to study where you want

"The iQ program is very well thought-out and organized. The people who are doing this program really believe in what they are doing."

-Sandy W., iQ Academy Parent

Why iQ?

iQ Academy is a unique alternative to the traditional high school. We provide students flexibility and quality. Courses are taught online by certified, experienced faculty. Our graduates earn high school diplomas accepted at colleges and technical schools throughout the U.S. Hear what our students and parents have to say:

iQ is Achievement

"His teachers are just excellent teachers. They do a lot to make the kids feel confident that they can achieve results."

- Patricia

iQ is Flexibility

"I can work ahead or take as much time as I need. It's my choice"

- Malory

iQ is Independence

"My daughter has the freedom to pursue the things she's really passionate about."

- Candice

iQ is Spirit

"We went to an iQ dance and the kids were hanging and dancing with each other because of who they were, not what they looked like or what clique they had to fit into."

- Morten

iQ is for YOU!

Enrolling in iQ is easy! Call 1-866-602-iQAZ (4729) to enroll.

"I like that I can get up in the morning and spend however much time on a subject as I need. I love this school."

-iQ Academy Student