State Required Testing

iQ Academy Arizona students must complete Arizona state testing requirements, per the Arizona Department of Education requirements. Please refer to information below to become familiar with testing requirements.

Testing Requirements
Testing Dates and Locations
General Information
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Testing Requirements

Who is required to test?
Arizona state law requires all distance learning students who receive classes free of charge participate in state-mandated testing. Concurrently-enrolled students test at their home school, while full time students test with iQ Academy Arizona.

What test will my student take?

  • 7th and 8th grade student take the AIMS DPA test
  • 9th grade students take the Terra Nova test
  • 10th grade students take the AIMS test (reading, writing, and math subtests)
  • 11th and 12th grade students who have not previously passed one or more of the AIMS subtests will retake the test until they pass

What will happen if I don't attend the test?
Because state law requires all distance learning students to take the mandated tests, students who fail to attend will be dropped from our program or required to pay tuition for additional courses.

What should I do if I will not be able to attend a test?
Please contact the iQ Academy Arizona test coordinator at 1-877-964-7587 Option 1, Option1, immediately to see if make-up test dates are available.

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Testing Dates and Locations

When are the tests given for the 2008-2009 year?

High School AIMS Testing Schedule

February 24, 2009
AIMS high school writing for 10th grade students and juniors or seniors who have not passed this test (required for students residing in AZ).

February 25, 2009
AIMS high school reading for 10th grade students and juniors or seniors who have not passed this test (required for students residing in AZ).

April 1, 2009
AIMS high school math for 10th grade students and juniors or seniors who have not passed this test (required for students residing in AZ).

April 2, 2009
AIMS high school science. SOPHOMORES ONLY. Questions? Contact Mrs. Dailey 1-877-964-7587, Option 1, Option 1.

9th Grade Terra Nova Testing Schedule

April 1 and 2, 2009
Terra Nova for 9th grade (required for students residing in AZ).

Where are tests given?
All state tests will be given at facilities throughout the state dependent upon student geographic locations. For Lake Havasu area students, all testing will be completed at a single site to be announced as test dates approach.

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General Information

How long does the test take?
The high school AIMS tests are not timed; student may take as long as they need to complete each subtest. For high school students, each subtest typically takes about two hours, and only one subtest is given per day. The Terra Nova test is timed and takes about three hours each day.

What should I bring on test day?
Students are required to present a picture ID at the time of testing. Cell phone and calculators are not permitted in the testing rooms.

How can I prepare for the test?
The following suggestions for test preparation are provided by the Arizona State Department of Education:

  1. Participate in your child's learning activities.
  2. Read aloud to your child, beginning at an early age.
  3. Encourage good study habits.
  4. Set aside a specific time for homework.
  5. Emphasize the importance of academic achievement.
  6. Provide activities at home that relate to school learning.
  7. Provide your child with a balanced, nutritional diet.
  8. Support and encourage your child.
  9. Listen to your child.
  10. Visit the ADE website and access the AIMS and AIMS DPA sample tests at

When will I receive my test scores?
A message will be posted on the iQ Academy Arizona website when scores are available. At that time, you may call the office to make arrangements for test results to be mailed to your home, or may stop by the office to pick up the results.

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